We strive to reduce the use of detergents used in cleaning linen and other consumables such as heavy oils by making it a standard practice to not replace linen for guests staying more than one night.
(Linen will only be replaced upon request.)

Implementing a new guest room linen replacement system ※Cards provided in the room

Photo: Participating in the Ecocap Movement

To promote the effective use of resources and to support developing countries, we encourage customers and employees to separate caps and plastic bottles. Proceeds from bottle caps sales to recycling companies are then donated to polio vaccine organizations.

Following the introduction of a mandatory charge for plastic shopping bags in Japan, we encourage guests to choose paper bags or to use their own bags when making a purchase at the hotel.

Reducing food waste with the 3010 Movement

To reduce food waste, we are promoting the 3010 Movement with guest meals at banquets.
※The 3010 Movement aims to reduce food waste by encouraging guests to enjoy their food at their tables during the first 30 minutes and last 10 minutes of a banquet. This movement was first introduced in Matsumoto City, Nagano, in 2011 and has since been adopted in many other areas.


TABETE is a food-sharing service that allows customers to “rescue” (purchase) unsold food that is still safe to eat.
The JR Hotel Group participates in this service to promote reductions in food loss.
The TABETE app must be downloaded to use this service. Visit the TABETE website https://tabete.me/ for more information.

Participating locations: “Le Temps” (Hotel Granvia Kyoto); “Tea Lounge” (Hotel Granvia Osaka); “Lumière” (Hotel Granvia Okayama); “Dish Parade” (Hotel Granvia Hiroshima); “PASSWORD” (Hotel Granvia Wakayama)