As awareness of the importance of fair trade in the global economy increases worldwide, our company has established Basic Policy for Preventing Bribery of Foreign Public Officials to ensure that each and every one of our employee and executive continues to sincerely live up to the trust and expectations of our customers and other members of society.

Our company comply with anti-bribery laws of each country, including the Unfair Competition Prevention Act.

Prohibiting its foreign public officials, etc. from giving, offering a bribe to any person, and promising thereof, and also taking a bribe from any person regardless of whether bribing is direct or indirect.

Appropriate educational activities should be conducted within the company to enhance the effectiveness of the article 2 above.

In the event that any employee or executive discovers any activities that may constitute bribery or corruption, he or she should promptly report such activities to our in-house consultation department to take appropriate action as an organization.

[August 1, 2021] West Japan Railway Hotel Development, Ltd.